StartUp Sparks: From Idea to Market - Innovators' Sessions by BRACKETS

Tickets for StartUp Sparks: From Idea to Market - Innovators' Sessions by BRACKETS.

Our tech meetup is focused on providing inspiration and valuable know-how for startup founders and entrepreneurs. The main highlights of the event are successful Slovak startups like Kontentino, Allfred, and Runology, which will share their experiences, successes, and challenges. The goal is to create a platform where budding entrepreneurs can gain practical advice, discuss their ideas, and make valuable connections.

The meetup will take place in the Slovak language.

Main Ideas of the Event

  1. Role Models of Successful Startups: Lectures from the founders of well-known Slovak startups, who have gone through the entire process from idea to growth.
  2. Discussion and Interactivity: Opportunity to ask questions during Q&A sessions after each presentation and during the panel discussion.
  3. Networking: Space for making connections between participants, speakers, and investors.
  4. Practical Advice and Inspiration: Experiences and lessons learned from successful entrepreneurs that participants can directly apply to their own projects.

Topics and Speakers

1. Marek Mrázik (Kontentino, Allfred)

  • Topic: "From idea to a startup to a successful global company"
  • Content: Marek Mrázik will share his journey from the initial idea through the founding and development of his startups Kontentino and Allfred, to a successful growth. He will discuss the key steps he took to ensure his startups succeeded and the obstacles he had to overcome.

2. Petra Pukalovičová (Runology)

  • Topic: "A Startup for Runners, Lessons Learned"
  • Content: Petra Pukalovičová will present her startup Runology, which focuses on the running community. She will share what inspired her to start the business, the challenges she faced during its growth, and the lessons she learned along the way.

3. Panel Discussion

  • Guests: Marek Mrázik, Petra Pukalovičová, Pavol Perdík (CEO&CTO BRACKETS)
  • Host: Viktor Štefanák (Mentalita foundera)
  • Content: The panel discussion will offer deeper insights into topics such as startup development, fundraising, team building, and business scaling. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from experienced founders.

Who is the Meetup For?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Those who have a startup idea but are still looking for a way to realize it.
  • Individuals at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey who need inspiration and practical advice.

Startup Founders

  • Founders who are actively working on their startups and want to learn more about scaling their business, securing funding, or managing growth challenges.
  • Those looking for networking opportunities and who want to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors.

Investors and Mentors

  • Individuals seeking new investment opportunities or looking to mentor budding entrepreneurs.

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StartUp Sparks: From Idea to Market - Innovators' Sessions by BRACKETS

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