Guest list app for event

Guest list app for event

Many guestlist app solutions focus on the check-in part, but none of them thinks about how to effectively fill the data in. We've redefined how guestlist app works and how the guestlist data are entered

There are two ways you can manage your guest list - either you collect the data on your own, or you can outsource this problem to your partners.

You have a partner that sponsors you, but in return wants 20 tickets for your event. In such situations it's unfortunately very common that these tickets end on craigslist and you lose potential visitors who buy the cheaper tickets.

By using our guest list app, you specify the number of entries and partner receives a secured management link. Here can he specify the names of the persons that should be let inside.No more copy-pasting from the emails, no more haggling with your tickets

  • Complex tablet-based solution for your attendee list
  • Elegant solution for guest list collection and endless excel and email merging
  • Define guest list, define how many visitors is the partner allowed to add and leave the rest for them
  • Effectively prevents haggling with partner tickets
  • Ability either to only add the attendee or to send him/her an RSVP invitation
  • Tablet attendee list app, solution worthy of this era

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Inviton - a new platform for event organization where you can manage everything by yourself. Try it :-)

The basic features and services we provide

  • New event in 15 minutes
  • Graphic
  • Sell ​​tickets online
  • Dynamic registration forms
  • Real-time reports
  • Discount codes
  • Email invitations
  • Guest list app for event
  • Access control
  • On-site ticket sales
  • On-site print
  • Visitor management
  • Mobile apps
  • Visitor check-in
  • Audience interaction
  • Inviton Scheduler

Inviton is a self-service online event management platform, where you can set up everything by yourself . Only the ticket fee or additional services are charged. You can also purchase the entire platform as a standalone license where you pay no ticketing or other fees.

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New event in 15 minutes

New event in 15 minutes Event management and ticket sales can be easier than ever before. Creating your own event, setting your ticket price and launching sales takes just a few minutes . You can test everything for free by clicking on the create event button.

Sell ​​tickets online

Sell ​​tickets online We support various sales methods. You can sell tickets online directly via your own website using the iframe / API / Wordpress plugin. You can also publish the event on our events page. You can specify different ticket types at different price levels.

Dynamic registration forms

Dynamic registration forms Create various, dynamic, value-driven registration forms (if the field value is yes, another field will be displayed and if the value is no, the field will not appear, etc.) using our simple and intuitive registration form configurator. This is how you get all the necessary information from your participants.

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