23. September 2019 Bratislava

ZOZNAMKA alebo Prečo ešte nemám svojho Milana

24. September 2019 Bratislava

Shirley Valentine (Divadlo Černá labuť – ČR)

25. September 2019 Bratislava

Vytrvalý dážď alebo vtedy v Chicagu

08. October 2019 Bratislava

Kumšt (Divadlo Kumšt production)

09. October 2019 Bratislava

DETSKÉ PREDST.: Magický dom madam Dragany

13. October 2019 Bratislava


13. October 2019 Bratislava

NonSENs NOCI SVATOJÁNSKEJ (Túlavé divadlo)

15. October 2019 Bratislava

Reparát z povinného čítania (Túlavé divadlo)

21. October 2019 Bratislava

Novecento – Legenda o pianistovi

23. October 2019 Bratislava

Všetko o ženách (Divadlo v podpalubí)

29. October 2019 Bratislava


04. November 2019 Bratislava

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INVITON partner - logo
INVITON partner - logo
INVITON partner - logo
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Inviton - a new platform for event organization where you can manage everything by yourself. Try it :-)

The basic features and services we provide

  • New event in 15 minutes
  • Graphic
  • Sell ​​tickets online
  • Dynamic registration forms
  • Real-time reports
  • Discount codes
  • Email invitations
  • Guest list app for event
  • Access control
  • On-site ticket sales
  • On-site print
  • Visitor management

Inviton is a self-service online event management platform, where you can set up everything by yourself . Only the ticket fee or additional services are charged. You can also purchase the entire platform as a standalone license where you pay no ticketing or other fees.

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Slovak republic